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Delicate Black and Gold Multi Strands Matinee Necklace

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Exquisite Multi Strands Matinee Necklace, Black Spinel Blinking Like Black Diamonds, And Faceted Gold Coated Pyrite Beads. Vermeil, Multi Strand Clasp.

A stunning sparkling Multi strand long necklace 3 strands necklace
Layers of very small faceted black spinel 1.5mm dripping with gold plated pyrite stones also faceted 3mm
Vermeil 3 strands clasp, sterling silver clasp, gold plated.
Length first strand 15 inches, second strand is 17 inches and last one 19 inches long. 


The rich and regal spinel is a gemstone that ranges in color from pale pink to deepest black. The black spinel is one of the rarest spinels. The spinel is known as the "great imposter" in the world of gemstones. Several of the "rubies" in the Queen of England's crown jewels are actually spinels.

Spinel is associated with love and supposedly help the wearer to put his or her ego aside in devotion to another. Spinel is also thought to encourage passion and increase the duration of life. Black Spinel in particular is said to be a protective stone that assists in re-establishing relationships and resolving issues. It is also believed to ease sadness.

Spinel is rated at 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a very durable gem and suitable for everyday jewelry wear.

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