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Baroque Pearls Pyrite Princess Necklace

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Glamour never takes a day off, wear this necklace every day, any time of the day and for every occasion.

Pyrite stone:

The lovely golden colour of this stone has made it very popular, and its gold colour gave it the nickname 'Fools Gold' as it has a metallic look, similar to real gold.

In the past it was mistaken for gold, but it is lighter in color and much harder. Due to its metaphysical properties, Iron Pyrite is now becoming extremely popular.

The vibration of Pyrite will strengthen your willpower and aid you to conquer bad habits. 

It will assist you to put new ideas for better health outcomes into practice. 

It is beneficial for the lungs, and helps asthma and bronchitis, and will increase your stamina. It will confer a speedy increase in strength and vigor.

The solar energy within these stones enhances your efficiency at manifesting your strongest desires. Soon after you begin using it, you will feel a growth in your level of energy. 

This allows you to get through your essential daily activities, with a degree of ease. It will help you to alleviate tiredness and fatigue, as it increases the oxygen supply to the blood, and invigorates the circulatory system.


The shortest one is 19 inches long

The middle one is 20.5 inches long.

The longest one is 22 inches long.

Faceted natural colour Pyrite beads 3mm.

Freshwater fat coin pearls, 6 or 7 white pearls, 8-9.5x15-16x20-23mm

Finished with a Gold filled lobster clasp.

*******Your necklace will arrive beautifully packaged. If you are purchasing this necklace as a gift and wish to include a small message, please message me at check out with your instructions.********

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