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Citrine Toggle Necklace with Baroque Pearl Pendant, November Birthstone, 16"inch

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This Citrine Toggle Necklace is a delicate and elegant piece of jewelry that features a beautiful arrangement of citrine gemstone beads.
The necklace is designed as a choker, measuring 16 inches in length, which sits comfortably around the neck.
Citrine is renowned for its vibrant yellow to golden-orange color. Its shades range from pale yellow to deep, honey-colored tones.
It is a gemstone that radiates positivity and warmth through its golden hues. Citrine holds a special place in the world of gemstones for its captivating color and cheerful energy.
As the birthstone for November, this necklace makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone born in that month.
The necklace is secured with a toggle clasp, which adds a unique and fashionable element to the design. The clasp allows for easy wearing and removal, ensuring convenience and comfort.
Accompanying the Citrine Toggle Necklace is a Tiny Baroque Pearl Pendant.
Baroque pearls are known for their irregular and unique shapes, adding a touch of organic beauty to the pendant.

Faceted Citrine cube beads
Gold plated brass
Freshwater baroque pearl

Measures 16" inches, please choose from variants

Handmade in Canada. Comes in a gift box and a complementary pouch.